The long-awaited Summer of ’23 edition of Ottawa Bluesfest commenced with a spectacular opening night that featured the talents of Ottawa’s own J.C and Dax, along with Vancouver artist bbno$. The River Stage came alive on Thursday, captivating the audience and setting the bar high for the rest of the music festival.

The evening commenced with J.C, who took to the stage at 6:30 p.m., exuding excitement and donning a vibrant yellow vest. As a local favorite, J.C treated the hometown crowd to an exceptional performance of his hit songs. With his dynamic rap style and infectious energy, he set the stage for what would become an unforgettable night of music.

Next up was the hometown hero, Dax, who now calls Los Angeles his home. Making a grand entrance in an Ottawa Senators fleece jacket, he immediately won over the hearts of the audience. During his set, Dax surprised fans by autographing his jacket and shoes before throwing them into the crowd, creating a moment of pure excitement and fan appreciation. His chart-topping tracks like “Dear God” and “To Be A Man” had the entire crowd singing and vibing along, and his acapella rendition of “Dear Alcohol” showcased his raw talent and emotional depth.

As the night progressed, bbno$ graced the stage amidst the backdrop of Shania Twain’s crowd-drawing performance. Fresh from his European tour, bbno$ brought his signature energy and charisma to the forefront. In keeping with his tradition, he gifted a cookbook to a lucky fan during his performance. The audience erupted with enthusiasm as he performed his hit singles, including the infectious “Edamame,” leaving fans dancing and singing along.

The combination of J.C, Dax, and bbno$ made for a mesmerizing opening night at Ottawa Bluesfest’s Summer of ’23. Each artist brought their unique style and flair, contributing to an evening filled with electrifying performances and cherished moments.

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